OnePlate is a global charity partnering with foodies, chefs, cafés and restaurants to fund sustainable food projects in Africa and Asia.

Our vision is to nourish and nurture children in great need.

 We do this by empowering the locals to develop sustainable food projects for long-term impact to create self-sufficient communities to help children in the greatest need. 

An Australian-born charity founded in 2016 we now have over 30 projects across the Philippines, Cambodia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

At OnePlate, we celebrate the power of joy through food, elevating the hospitality industry for impact. 

We invite foodies everywhere to contribute meaningfully to our projects, making a difference through the power of our food culture. We believe in hope, not guilt. Our work provides nourishment, love and support for children in great need through food security and our projects enrich lives and communities. 

100% Impact

All funds raised go towards our sustainable food projects.

OnePlate maximises its impact by ensuring 100% of funds raised goes towards our sustainable food projects. We believe that providing nutritional food sources for children, and introducing them to the knowledge and skill sets needed to be self-sufficient in growing their own food, is a powerful means of transformation and hope.

Where does the money go?

100% of money raised through our all-star cast of generous donors, foodies, restaurants and cafés goes directly towards funding sustainable food projects in developing countries, giving people the tools they need to create their own food self-sufficiency. These projects include everything from rooftop gardens in developing urban cities to aquaculture, fruit and nut orchards, vegetable gardens, pig and chicken farms, seed banks, bee projects, avocado orchards, and mushroom farms.
Be part of the OnePlate tribe of food lovers making a difference in the world, one plate at a time.
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