A fruitful harvest & a valuable partnership

Warran Glen Cafe

We are so excited to announce our Agroforestry project in Manila. We achieved this project by joining forces with the wonderful Warran Glen Cafe to raise funds through one of their menu items… fish & chips!! A dollar from every order was donated directly towards OnePlate’s agroforestry project amidst the pandemic and Melbourne’s toughest lockdowns.

Through Warran Glen’s outstanding generosity – funding an ENTIRE OnePlate project – we planted 1,500 tropical fruit-bearing trees including mango, guyabano, rambutan, jackfruit, star apple, tamarind, mulberry and more. In addition to the fruit trees, we also built a nursery for seedlings to increase vegetable production. 

In a few years, these trees will provide nourishing fruits to the community and our food programs feeding over 650 street children weekly. 

About 60% of the production will be sold to the local markets for an income that will be used to provide forest maintenance on our sustainable farm and support the local staff assigned to oversee it so we can continue providing food security for these children. 

We are beyond grateful for Warran Glen’s partnership with us in making an impact for children now and in generations to come. We couldn’t do this without our amazing partners and your generosity! 

We want to thank YOU for helping us plant seeds of hope, joy and love in the lives of hundreds of children. We believe that every seed planted using the right soil in the right environment will grow into a strong, fruitful tree. 

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