Vision and Mission


Our vision is to nourish and nurture children in great need, offering love and hope, one plate at a time.


OnePlate is a global charity partnering with foodies, restaurants, cafés and chefs to fund sustainable food projects in Africa and Asia. By leveraging the power of joy through food, we can provide hope, love and support for children in great need through food security.

What We Do

100% of funds raised through our all-star cast of generous donors, foodies, restaurants and cafés goes directly towards funding sustainable food projects in developing countries. OnePlate’s food security projects aim to empower communities with the necessary tools and skillsets to be self-sufficient in growing and securing their own food. 

We partner with local organisations in countries to provide support to communities to develop their own sustainable food production. And, in turn, improved access to nutrition will improve health, education and livelihood outcomes of entire communities.

OnePlate is committed to supporting sustainable food security projects that provide long-term solutions. Partnerships with agricultural scientists and innovators provide opportunities utilising the latest technology, resources and knowledge. These sustainable farms not only generate food, but also jobs, giving communities the opportunity to thrive for life.

The OnePlate projects include large scale farms to rooftop gardens to aquaculture, fruit and nut orchards, vegetable gardens, goat, pig and chicken farms, worm farming, seed banks, bee projects, avocado orchards, nutritional school gardens, hydroponic cultivation and mushroom farms.

Our Story

The story of OnePlate all began when Thérèse Nichols, on a four-week trip to Manila in 2015, was deeply moved by the plight of the city’s street children. Witnessing their struggles and the forced harsh realities of these children- forced into lives of desperation, abuse and begging for food just to survive- left an indelible mark on her heart.

Thérèse’s time volunteering at a foundation dedicated to helping street children provided a pivotal moment of realisation. As she watched these children find solace and joy in the simple act of sharing a meal together, Thérèse saw the transformative power of food firsthand. The dignity and love with which each plate was served spoke volumes, offering a glimmer of hope in the midst of adversity. 

Filled with a desire to enrich the lives of these children, Thérèse was inspired to partner with the hospitality industry to make an impact, through creating gardens and farms for these children. 

Thérèse returned home to Australia with the idea to begin OnePlate, asking three friends, Regina Wursthorn, Katarina Kelekovic and Joshua Lanzarini, to join her. Each was captivated by the vision and, alongside Thérèse, launched OnePlate in 2016. Together they began raising money to fund rooftop gardens, fruit orchards and farms to provide food to nourish children in need. 

Since then, OnePlate has grown into a charity for food lovers, partnering with cafés and restaurants to fund sustainable food projects for children across the Philippines, Cambodia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. From farms and rooftop gardens, to orchards and beekeeping projects, children are taught how to grow their own food and create sustainable food projects that not only provide nourishment, but teach them life lessons on leadership, patience, responsibility and love. OnePlate celebrates food and elevates the hospitality industry for impact, making a difference in the lives of many children. At the heart of each project is the desire to give children great hope to dream about the future and to show them that they are loved.

Our Team

Thérèse Nichols

Co-founder & Director

Joshua Lanzarini

Co-Founder, TEchnical

Regina Wursthorn

Co-founder, Finance & Operations Director

Katarina kelekovic

Co-Founder, Project coordinator
Maryanne Mooney


OnePlate global Ambassador

Ben Whattam

OnePlate Global Ambassador

Georgia Gold


Emily Ezekiel

Food Stylist

Meryl Batlle

Food Stylist

Where does the money go?

100% of money raised through our all-star cast of generous donors, foodies, restaurants and cafés goes directly towards funding sustainable food projects in developing countries, giving people the tools they need to create their own food self-sufficiency. These projects include everything from rooftop gardens in developing urban cities to aquaculture, fruit and nut orchards, vegetable gardens, pig and chicken farms, seed banks, bee projects, avocado orchards, and mushroom farms.
Be part of the OnePlate tribe of food lovers making a difference in the world, one plate at a time.
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