Vision and Mission


OnePlate is an Australian Charity which unites restaurants, cafés, pubs and bars with socially-conscious customers, under the common goal of supporting vulnerable people in the developing world. Money raised goes to local foundations in impoverished communities to fund self-sustaining food programs. This empowers locals to be self-reliant, giving them the dignity they deserve.


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Our Story

On a four week trip to Manila in 2015, our co-founder Thérèse Nichols witnessed the plight of Manila’s street children. She felt compelled to do something about it. 

In Manila, over 80% of the population live in poverty. Too many children are driven from their homes by violence, abuse and neglect. They are forced to beg, join gangs or turn to prostitution. These children are quickly robbed of their childhood. Many children are addicted to drugs, not because they are involved in crime, but the drugs numb their stomachs from hunger. It was in Manila that the idea of OnePlate was born.

Thérèse returned to Melbourne, pulled together a group of friends and in 2017, OnePlate was launched. OnePlate empowers every Australian to make a difference, simply by choosing to eat at one of our partner restaurants, cafés, pubs and bars. While the idea sparked in Manila, the OnePlate tribe are thinking big – they are on a mission to help children around the world! Food is a basic human right and no child deserves to go hungry.

Our Tribe

OnePlate is an Australian Registered Charity.
Meet the hardworking OnePlate team of volunteers.

Thérèse Nichols

Co-founder & Director

Inspired by Australia’s vibrant food culture and a desire to help children in great need, Thérèse began OnePlate. Thérèse brings her entrepreneurial spirit and vast array of experience working in local and international organisations to OnePlate. She is the queen of all things PR, and if she doesn’t have the answer, she’ll know someone who does! She is excited at the prospect of OnePlate’s ability to extend the dinner table to include those who are in great need.

Favourite dish: If Thérèse was a cuisine, she’d combine her special love of France and Switzerland to be, well, French Swiss!

Joshua Lanzarini

Co-founder, Business & Marketing Director

On a trip to Manila, Joshua realised that the basics he had taken for granted — like clean water, food and shelter — weren’t available for many locals. This inequality was a driving force to do what he could in breaking the cycle of poverty for the world’s poorest people. Joshua is OnePlate’s marketing genius. His passion combined with highly developed skills in marketing and communications, graphic design, and digital and social media, means that OnePlate will not go unnoticed!

Favourite dish: Joshua loves Pizza, and fried zucchini blossoms from his garden, preferably together!

Regina Wursthorn

Co-founder, Finance & Operations Director

Regina has been waiting for a long time to find the right opportunity to use her skills to make the world a better place. She’s excited to find creative ways to bring sustainable enterprises to life for hungry children and families who need action now. Beginning her career in financial assurance before moving on to accounting and governance, Regina’s passion for business excellence makes her our finance guru, equipping her perfectly to oversee OnePlate’s finance and operations.

Favourite dish: If Regina was a sheep, she’d be a slow cooked one (she’s the daughter of a sheep farmer after all!)

Katarina kelekovic

Co-founder, Venue Partnerships Manager

Katarina loves the fact that she’s doing something positive with a great group of friends who share the same vision, and a deep desire to help humanity in need. She’s inspired by the chance to show others through OnePlate that they really do have the power to affect change. Katarina’s in-depth experience in sales and operations management and business partnership liaison make her the ideal point of contact for OnePlate’s rapidly growing list of café, pub, bar and restaurant partners.

Favourite dish: Katarina’s weakness is home-made pasta with venison and chanterelle mushrooms, and lamb cutlets.



Tristan was caught by the contagious passion of the OnePlate team and jumped at the chance to be part of it. He found the concept behind OnePlate a refreshing change from other initiatives and noticed that the aims were grounded in the reality of the people assisted, especially children. After working for three years in media with the Queensland Parliament and freelancing with a number of other companies, Tristan spent time in America studying acting and directing. He now works as a videographer, actor and drama teacher as well as completing a Bachelor of Communication.

Favourite dish: If Tristan were a burger, the side order would be chips (not salad)!


Social Media Coordinator

Sami believes that we have a responsibility to work towards a sustainable future and help people who are forgotten and marginalised. She thinks Melbourne’s dynamic food culture should be celebrated; and what better way than by supporting sustainable food programs for children in developing countries through OnePlate? With a background in PR, Sami is our social media maven (that’s expert, in Yiddish). She uses her skills in digital and social media to drive OnePlate’s online presence and nurture and grow our online community.

Favourite dish: If Sami could only choose one dish, it would be a classic roast shared with family and friends.

Thank you

We’d like to say a big thank you to all the wonderful people and organisations who have generously given their time and energy (many of them pro bono) to help set up OnePlate – we couldn’t have done it without you! 


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