Aquaponic and Hydroponic Garden


Using hydroponics and aquaponics, OnePlate has funded a full ‘cycle of life’ garden project that feeds, nurtures and educates more than 100 seriously disadvantaged children in Cambodia.

The garden has been established in a space within a centre that provides a home, education and therapeutic counselling to more than 100 children. This multi-pronged project not only provides food and education, but a calming, enriching environment and distraction from the many traumas they have been through. This is one of the most uplifting and transformational projects OnePlate has ever embarked upon, helping heal and feed the soul as well as providing a powerful food solution that is fully sustainable.

The Aquaponic and Hydroponic Children’s Garden includes an aquaponics area with fish, together with plants and hens adjoining the garden. The garden demonstrates and follows the full cycle of life, starting with organic waste to feed fly larvae and chickens, followed by a water life cycle from larvae to fish, that flows to the plants, and back again to the fish. 

The garden is entirely chemical free and all the children in the centre learn how to work here. Every day they excitedly watch over and care for the fish, plants and hens, eager to see them thrive and grow. The produce flows into the centre, providing nutritious food, reducing the cost of daily living and becoming fully sustainable.

The cycle of life is fascinating to the children, who love to watch the changes and growth in all the areas of the project from day to day.

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