Brunch in Melbourne Cookbook

Launching … Brunch in Melbourne

Brunch. A carefree meal that symbolises leisurely mornings, friendship and often the winding down of the night before. Melbournians are renowned for it. Some even say it’s our best culinary export – along with coffee that is. Oh, what a match made in heaven.

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Healing Gardens Rwanda

Making a Splash in 2020

Last year, we talked about our ambitions to build a grassroots movement that would enable real change. In our words, we wanted “to throw a …

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Kickstarter Cookbook

Crowdfunding our Cookbook

A world-first collation of 100 brunch recipes from 100 of Melbourne’s most iconic cafés. This is the cookbook for social impact.

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Middle South East Cafe

We’ve got some Spring in our Step

With the chilly months of winter now behind us and the sun finally shining again, we’re gearing up for a massive spring as we launch new projects and build on existing ones. Of course, it wouldn’t be possible to invest in the important projects that we do without the support not only of our tribe …

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Thérèse in Kenya

To show them Love

Why do we do what we do? To show these children that they are loved. I have recently come back from a beautiful and inspirational trip to Kenya. By far the greatest inspiration and highlight was meeting the treasures of Africa… our little heroes. The children. We honour and thank them for teaching us what love and hope is all about!

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Healing Gardens, Rwanda

Investing in Hope – Delivering Impact

Hope is defined as “the grounds for believing that something good may happen”. It’s a simple concept, perhaps one we take for granted. For those who live without it, though, it’s incredibly powerful.

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Kenya Farmer

Poverty is no paltry matter in Kenya

Last week we told you about our exciting bakery initiative, a project created to provide support for the Children’s Home in Kenya, an organisation that provides shelter and education for over 400 abandoned Kenyan children and street youth.

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Fresh Bread On The Rise In Kenya

Like a Baker training initiative in Kenya, for example, which was originally set up as a self-sustaining fundraising model for the Children’s Home in Kenya.

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Underground at Allendale Square

Underground Foodies Unite

Alleviating world hunger has been the mission of many charitable organisations for decades. It’s certainly not a new issue. It does, however, require new thinking.

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Healing Gardens, Rwanda

Sustainability – The Path to Prosperity

Alleviating world hunger has been the mission of many charitable organisations for decades. It’s certainly not a new issue. It does, however, require new thinking.

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One Step

“A JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES BEGINS WITH ONE STEP” Last week OnePlate co-founders Thérèse and Katarina travelled across Cambodia and Thailand with Agricultural Scientist …

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Foodies for Impact

Australia is known as a nation of foodies. It’s in our blood. It’s a culture that brings communities together and happiness to our lives.  Now it’s time to pay it forward, with Foodies For Impact.

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Meet OnePlate’s Food Scientist

OnePlate is thrilled to partner with Dr Donald Van Cooten who brings over 35 years of agricultural science experience and expertise to the table. Move …

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Turn one plate into a supply for Life

Ending hunger. For life. Each year over 9 million people die of hunger-related causes. There are a lot of good solutions waiting to be implemented, they …

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What is Sustainable Farming and why it is important for our wellbeing

The demand for food is growing globally as the world’s population explodes. To meet this demand agriculture needs to increase yields without compromising the ability …

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The Kenyan Orchard

Kenya is an impoverished nation, with over 16 million of its 40 million inhabitants living below the poverty line. The statistics are hard to digest: …

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Tacloban, Philippines

OnePlate’s second program, the ‘Tacloban Project’ sponsored 120 poor families to start their own vegetable gardens and learn the latest in agricultural farming. In the …

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Manila Family Farm

Manila’s Family Farm

The ‘Family Farm’ vision is OnePlate’s biggest project to date. The Family Farm is a 10-acre fully sustainable innovative farm which is currently being built …

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Shoots of Hope in Payatas

It is not for nothing that Payatas is known as the ‘national shame’ of the Philippines. Nicknamed the ‘Second Smokey Mountain’, Payatas is home to …

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Real Change through Lifelong Solutions

The Impact of Education and Empowerment In the upland, hilly area of Tacloban city, Philippines, is a farm that has been selected for OnePlate’s second …

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From the Streets to the Classroom

OnePlate has partnered with a foundation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), to fund a project that allows some of the world’s poorest …

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cambodia orchard

Project Cambodia: Children’s Village Orchard

Ponder this for a moment – if you had just $3 to spend today, what would you spend it on? It’s almost incomprehensible, isn’t it? …

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dish & spoon cafe

Dish & Spoon Café: Our Newest Partner

We would like to welcome our newest hero partner for impact – Dish & Spoon Café in Camberwell, Melbourne. You are all invited to this …

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OnePlate where does the money go

Impact for Life

Welcome to 2019. They say a new year brings new beginnings. For the thousands of underprivileged children who received a new lease on life via …

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Our Garden in the SKY: OnePlate’s Manila Rooftop Garden

OnePlate’s first completed project is a roof-top garden in the heart of metropolitan Manila in the Philippines. It is on top of a four-storey building owned by a not-for-profit foundation that supports street children with a drop-in centre, accommodation and meals.

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Project 281 – Leading by Example

As Australians, we’re incredibly fortunate to have an amazing food culture. From cafes and pubs to fine dining and exotic coffee, our foodie lifestyle is one of the cornerstones of our national community and it’s what’s driven the OnePlate mission from day one. Drawing on our vibrant food culture to help feed the hungry in the developing world is us in a nutshell.

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Party Like Parisians for a Cause!

Last Saturday, over ninety people gathered in the sumptuous Flowers Vasette on Brunswick Street to celebrate OnePlate’s third event since launching. Paris was in the air as guests sipped on Paris cocktails, while French-inspired canapes made the rounds, highlights including goats cheese wrapped in cranberry and Masterchef Contestant and OnePlate ambassador, Pia Gava’s, signature dish—earl grey Panna Cotta.

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How to Grow a Sustainable Vegetable Garden on Your Balcony

How to Grow a Sustainable Vegetable Garden on Your Balcony

There are plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits available in the supermarkets and at your favourite farmer’s market.

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How to Start Your Organic Mini Vegetable Farm

So you want to eat organic meals? But organic food is expensive to buy. There is a solution to that! Grow organic food and enjoy delicious meals at low cost.

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Importance of Nutritious Food and Eating

A well-balanced meal full of nutrients gives us the fibre, proteins, carbohydrates, essential fats, minerals and vitamins necessary to function, live and develop optimally. We …

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How Restaurants and Cafes Can Grow Their Own Food

As more people eat out these days, restaurants and cafes are thriving businesses.

These businesses are in the position to drive change in the way we eat and sustain our planet.

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OnePlate goes to Africa

Imagine for a moment the feeling you get waving your child off to school in the morning. A combination of excitement, pride and reassurance that …

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make a difference

Make a Difference

Nourishment can be defined as “the food required to facilitate life, growth, and health” and, as Australians, it’s something the majority of us take for granted in our everyday lives. For the more than 9 million people around the world who die from hunger-related causes each year, though, it’s an unreachable dream that inevitably ends in tragedy.

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Spread the Feast

We hope that you have had a beautiful summer, and perhaps even a bit of a break! 2018 has already had some major wins for the OnePlate team.

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Manila Rooftop

One more plate this Christmas

Sitting around the table, a Christmas feast freshly laid out, laughing as the Christmas crackers go off and reflecting on the year that has past.

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OnePlate MasterChef Feast

On Saturday 16 September 2017, OnePlate joined forces with nine MasterChef contestants to create the ‘OnePlate Feast’ – a fundraising dinner held in the stunning Glasshaus nursery, Cremorne.

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OnePlate is officially Launched

OnePlate was officially launched on Saturday 13 May 2017 with over 300 people gathered together in a transformed warehouse in Melbourne’s CBD.

The OnePlate tribe celebrated with friends, family, chefs, restaurateurs, donors and partners over dessert and champagne.

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Manila Children

Our first rooftop farm is complete

We are so excited that our first urban rooftop farm is now feeding street children in Manila. We couldn′t have done it without you – thank you for being part of the OnePlate tribe!

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