The Sweet Event Cupcakes: Sweet Contributions

Nikki Estrada, Creative Director of The Sweet Event Cupcakes, is a dessert queen and has a true heart for the children in the Philippines.

Nikki is a self taught baker that began by making cupcakes for her nephews baby shower, which grew to making beautiful treats for a wider network of friends and family. She loved the way the eyes of her friends and family would light up when she delivered her desserts. These desserts were a gift of creativity, passion and love. Nikki's business, The Sweet Event Cupcake, grew organically as more people began to approach her wanting to hire her to make their event extra special.

Nikki is drawn to OnePlate as she has a Filipino background with a deep connection to the street children in the Philippines. She believes it is so important to contribute saying, "we are all supposed to work together, not against each other." Nikki has previously worked on fundraisers and she is always amazed at how everyone can come together to create change.

We are incredibly grateful for the energetic, enthusiastic way in which Nikki has joined the OnePlate tribe. She is an absolute joy and we cannot wait to taste her cupcakes, cookies and chocolates that she is so generously donating to the OnePlate launch party fundraiser.

If you would like to see more of Nikki's sweet creations, you can find her at: The Sweet Event Cupcakes.