Our first rooftop farm is complete!

This is Minoy, he used to live on the streets in Manila but now he’s growing organic mustard at our urban rooftop farm.


The leaves can be cut off and new ones will grow in a week or two.

The farm has been designed, by a leading horticulturalist, to be high yield and to grow nutritious fruit and vegetables that the children will love. There is already over 20 different fruits and vegetables growing on the rooftop, which sits above a foundation that looks after street children.

Spring Onion

“Plant, grow, eat, learn and have fun” is how one of the volunteers who works with the children described the farm.

“Urban farming is not only an avenue to address food sustainability, it’s also a therapeutic activity for the kids.

The joy they feel when they see the plants growing and, eventually when they harvest the fruits of their labour, is priceless.”

This is CJ – he’s a future horticulturalist! He loves working in the farm and anything he cares for grows well.


Bitter gourd is grown in the farm. It’s a highly nutritious vegetable. The children love eating it stir fried with eggs. Before the farm was developed the foundation that looks after street children had to buy bitter gourd, they needed a whopping 20kg a month. Now it’s all free and the children love that they’ve grown it themselves.

Urban Rooftop Farm

While the children enjoy having full tummies, in many ways it can be difficult transitioning from a very independent life on the streets to living at the foundation. The children aren’t used to being cared for, they’ve had to grow up fast.

Growing their own food lets them keep their independence, teaches them new skills, gives them a new purpose in life and exposes them to positive role models.

He Cares Rooftop Farm

“The farm not only helps us feed the children, it’s also a model to surrounding communities that growing your own food is possible.”

The next farm in Manila is in the planning stages, but we need your support. Please make a donation now

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