Chefin is innovating the way we entertain, combining the relaxed environment of home with the flavours and excitement of eating out.

We are thrilled to welcome Chefin to the Oneplate tribe and are excited by their creative approach to social dining.

The nominated OnePlate dish will change for each event that Chefin run, their last event was a blindfolded dinner from Airbnb Experiences.

“CHEFIN' is all about giving - we empower Chefs to be their own boss, we empower consumers to reconnect with the people that matter through food, and we want to empower others to give just like us” said co-founder Petko.

“We deeply believe in what OnePlate is doing and will do what we can to support another fellow startup. Both Sukey and I come from developing countries and we understand the pain of hunger. If your body is hungry there is no other priority in your life other than finding food. Starvation is the biggest fear and food the biggest salvation - a single piece of bread can change someone's life.”

Dine in style with your favourite chef, all in the comfort of your own home. Check out the Chefin website to make your next dinner party extraordinary.