Q&A with Eva Van Strijp

It was an absolute pleasure to chat with Eva Van Strijp about the hospitality industry, the impact of giving and the need for purpose. 

Eva's family own OnePlate partnered venue, The Kings Own, which is a family-owned bar, restaurant and motel situated on the Olympic Highway at The Rock.

How can the hospitality industry make an impact for change?
With so many people eating out on a daily basis, hospitality – in particular the food service industry – has considerable scope for impact. Whether it’s supporting consumers to choose reusable coffee cups or sending a meal to a community member they know is doing it tough, or donating a small amount from each meal sold, the possibilities for restaurants and pubs to create change are plentiful and easy. OnePlate has just made it even easier!

Why did The Kings Own join the OnePlate movement?
The family behind The King’s Own could definitely be defined as “early adopters”. We know a great cause when we see one and we happily support organisations with a vision and a mission as strong as OnePlate’s.

We really love the purpose behind OnePlate and the fact that contributing to an important cause is made so simple and achievable through them.

The team at OnePlate have made the process of monthly donations completely hassle-free. It takes less than 3 minutes for us to find out how many Surf n Turfs we’ve sold, head to the OnePlate website and process our donation. 

What do you hope for?
By contributing to OnePlate we hope to add a depth of purpose to what we do every day. Sure, the amount might be small but knowing that we're not just cooking great meals. We're reaching out and helping those most in need.

Why should other venues sign up?
It is estimated that around 58,000 people die from hunger-related causes every single week across the globe. That’s over 8,000 each day. In the face of such sobering statistics, many small businesses might wonder what can be done. In fact, they probably feel quite hopeless in the face of such a colossal plight. And let’s be honest, even if The King’s Own sells a thousand Surf n Turfs a month, the effect of a $1,000 donation won’t be very far-reaching. But thankfully, it’s not just us supporting OnePlate. Dozens of restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars have come on board since the organisation’s inception and it continues to grow. Venues should know that their “meagre” donation can become a real catalyst for change when combined with the donations of other supporters.

If 10 million dishes are ordered through restaurants across Australia every week, and $1 from each of those is donated to sustainable food projects in developing countries… enough said!

Any customer feedback about your OnePlate dish? The Surf n Turf is definitely a chef speciality; it’s the one that gets the most enthusiastic approvals. That’s why we chose it as our OnePlate dish. We are passionate about delicious, wholesome, beautifully presented food and offering our patrons a meal that tastes incredible is our thank you for their support of our OnePlate dish.