We Welcome Moose Bar & Café

We are thrilled to announce that Moose Bar & Café has joined the OnePlate tribe.

Nestled into the vibrant business district of South Yarra, Moose Bar & Café have opened their hearts and doors to the OnePlate Mission.  Owner, Chris Khoury, discussed with us why he joined the OnePlate tribe, he said “OnePlate is a simple and significant way to help those who are less fortunate then us.”

The first thing you will notice when you walk into Moose is the warm, friendly staff that bring a fantastic vibe to the café.

Moose is known for its outstanding service and loyal regulars that enjoy their well-made Melbourne coffee and great selection of tasty food for breakfast and lunch.

The Pancetta, Tomato and Chilli Rigatoni, alongside the Vegetable Rigatoni are the two chosen OnePlate pasta dishes that will help to raise funds to empower local communities and supporting sustainable food projects.

We are so full of gratitude that this kindhearted café has joined us and we can’t wait for autumn days filled with hearty Moose bowls of pasta.

Moose bar & Café
Address: 15 Claremont St, South Yarra VIC 3141
Website: www.moosebarcafe.com