Turning To Pg.2

 Veggie Stack - Nominated OnePlate dish.

Veggie Stack - Nominated OnePlate dish.

We are so excited to welcome Pg.2 to the OnePlate tribe, with their delicious Veggie Stack.

Pg.2 is a creative space that celebrates individuality, art and, of course, food and coffee.  Pg.2 is an avid supporter of local produce and artists, and have created a space that is inviting and colourful.  It’s hard not to fall in love with a space filled with lounge areas, a swinging chair and an outside oasis.

When discussing the reasons Pg.2 joined OnePlate, Jason said “Pg.2’s mantra is about moving on to the next chapter, and I believe OnePlate is about helping others to reach their next chapter.”

We are so thankful to have such a compassionate café join our mission and we will definitely be back, sitting in the swinging chair and ordering the Veggie Stack.

Pg.2 Café
Address: 207 Swan Street, Melbourne, Vic.
Website: www.pg2.com.au