The Beginning

Therese Manila Trip 2015

OnePlate was created out of love and compassion for the street children of Manila who are driven from their homes by violence, abuse and neglect. 

Founder, Thérèse Nichols, witnessed the challenging reality for these children on a four-week trip to Manila in 2015. Thérèse felt compelled to take action after watching 400 street children being served lunch and treated with such love, respect and dignity like they were kings and queens.

In Manila, over 80% of the population live in poverty.  Too many children are forced to beg, join gangs or turn to prostitution. These children are quickly robbed of their innocence and childhood. Many children are addicted to drugs, not because they are involved in crime, but because the drugs numb their stomachs from hunger.

Thérèse returned to Melbourne motivated and inspired to create a sustainable difference in the lives of those who are most disadvantaged. 

The OnePlate tribe is formed by a group of friends who share a vision of empowering local communities.  Every Australian can make a difference, not only by eating at our partnered restaurants, but also by stimulating conversation and social awareness around our united capacity to overcome poverty through sustainable food production.

While it was in Manila that Thérèse was touched by the faces of street children like Francis, a little boy with a big smile and a heart full of gratitude, OnePlate is on a mission to help children around the world.