Brunch in Melbourne

Not all heroes wear capes.
But they do brunch. For impact.

In Melbourne we love our brunch, we love our coffee and we love our charity.

That’s why we are creating our limited-edition coffee table book, “Brunch in Melbourne”, a world-first collation of 100 mouthwatering recipes from 100 chefs across 100 cafes in Melbourne created exclusively for OnePlate.

We want you to join our league of brunching heroes by being a founding member of this iconic book!!

For just one week, from 15-22 September, you have the exclusive opportunity to pre-order “Brunch in Melbourne” for just $50 AUD.

When you pre-order:

You will receive $10 off (retail value $60)

You will have your name written in the first 5,000 copies printed.

And, most of all, you will be giving to charity- that’s what we call a brunch hero!!

Just like you care where your food comes from, we know you care where your money goes. 100% of the profits from the sale of each book go directly to OnePlate sustainable food projects, which you can learn more about here.

We know that our foodies have big hearts and we want to say thank you.

It’s about more than good food. It’s about change. One plate at a time.
We love our brunch. We love our charity.

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