Why we love Brunch

For many of us, the first meal of the weekend is brunch, and it’s one of the meals we get most passionate about.

The mouth-watering hybrid of two mealtimes can be a simple eggs on toast affair, a bottomless-fizz blowout or a more elegant event: there’s no pinning it down. A leisurely approach (and a willing appetite), however, is non-negotiable. Central to the concept of brunch is the sense of shifting gear, taking things at a slower pace, connecting … it requires you to dial out of your regular routine and dial in to conviviality. 

The ritual is relished worldwide, and the best of the brunch bunch combine seriously great food with that all-important laidback ethos to offer something special that stands out from standard-issue brunch fare. Countering the relentless pace of modern life, taking time out to eat with friends and family (or going solo) has become particularly precious. Whether it’s soul-soothing food or fuel for a weekend of partying you crave, brunch delivers a funfair of foodie thrills that deserves to be relished wholeheartedly. 


Often mistaken as an American-born concept, thanks to its impassioned uptake in the States, this meal in fact hails from the UK.

An 1896 edition of satirical magazine Punch defined brunch as a ‘combination meal’ and credited the term to British writer Guy Beringer, who reportedly introduced the idea in an essay for Hunter’s Weekly in 1895: this article was concisely entitled ‘Brunch: A Plea’. Beringer implored readers to consider it as an alternative to a more substantial Sunday lunch, declaring that it ‘puts you in a good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings’. His plea was heard: soon after, a Pennsylvania newspaper described it as ‘the latest fad’, and by the 1930s, Americans and Antipodeans had made it their own, adopting the notion wholeheartedly and giving it permanent status as a ritualistic weekend treat. The custom became ingrained in restaurant and café culture and boozy drinks pairings soon took hold. The rest is a delicious history of cured hangovers, sated appetites and lazy weekending.

Why you need a brunch cookbook

The joy of cooking brunch at home!

There’s something about keeping brunch on home turf that feels truly in keeping with the ethos of this relaxed mealtime.

Gathering friends and family around your table and recreating dishes that people queue around the block for is as indulgent as you can get – you don’t even need to take off your slippers – and the leisurely no-rules ethos of brunch means anything goes. Maybe you want to linger over masala potatoes and mushrooms with crispy fried eggs, master the perfect cheese souffle or go all out with a sweet and savoury feast. Cooking brunch at home offers the perfect opportunity to expand your culinary horizons, encouraging you to ditch the hurried slice of toast and carve out time to spoil yourself and others, sharing something special, crossing the boundary between home and restaurant cooking, and bringing hearty brunch dishes to life in the comfort of your own kitchen.

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