Cambodia Fish Farm


Enjoying fish as a staple part of the diet delivers satiety and nourishment; an excellent source of vital omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and B12. But for many communities in Cambodia, finding such a rich source of protein has been out of reach. 

More than 70% of Cambodians survive on less than $3 a day. Entire communities are dependent upon subsistence farming of crops and livestock that only thrive in ideal weather conditions. One poor season means a cycle of poverty that is difficult to reverse. And with hundreds of families out of work, many more children have experienced the trauma of abandonment, abuse and neglect, hunger, and loss of access to education. 

To provide a simple, sustainable food solution, OnePlate has worked closely with a centre in Cambodia housing vulnerable children, to establish a Fish Farm. The project involved the creation of three ponds large enough to hold excess water in the wet season, which were stocked with omnivorous fish that any mosquito larvae in the water. 

Fish grow quickly in the wet season for harvest in the dry season, then are easily caught with nets and buckets for a fast, delicious pan-fry meal with available herbs or vegetables. 

These three large ponds, with two different breeds, now produce thousands of fish and more than 60 children as well as local community members are benefiting from this wonderful source of protein. The children can catch fish to eat whenever they want.

The Fish Farm project has provided a high-protein, daily food source, new skills and recreation for the children and a natural reduction in the incidence of mosquito-borne diseases.

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