Community Food Gardens

A community garden is a wonderful place; somewhere children and families can come together, cultivate and enjoy wholesome food and share their knowledge and produce. But in Cambodia, entire communities living in extreme poverty have never had encouragement, motivation or access to the materials, tools and skills needed to make community gardening a success.

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Mushroom Farm Enterprise

Mushrooms are a simple and tasty source of nutrition, rich in vitamins B and D, fibre, protein and antioxidants. Simple to seed, cultivate and sell, and packed with nutrition and immunity building benefits, mushrooms are ‘powerhouse produce’. They’re also a highly sought after staple food, easily cultivated and a favourite at market stalls in Cambodia.

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Children’s Fruit Orchard

The delight of a juicy mango, citrus tang of fresh orange, and sweet, succulent longan! Each of these fruits now flourish in the Children’s Fruit Orchard in Cambodia, alongside trees laden with beautiful jackfruit, rambutan, guava, coconut and avocado. This is life-changing food, now savoured by children who had never before tasted fresh fruit.

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School Nutritious Gardens Cambodia

School Nutritional Gardens

Classrooms without walls, education beyond textbooks! When children are still growing, the need for nurturing is extremely high; mind, body and soul. Creating a place where they receive plentiful food, unconditional love and encouragement and education is the perfect solution, and the School Nutritional Gardens project in Cambodia has had an enormous impact.

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Wicking Bed Vegetable Project

In Cambodia, as with all in-country projects, OnePlate’s goal is to provide a plentiful, nutritious diet for children in great need, all year round. To nourish growing bodies and minds, maximise learning and bring happiness back to little lives, children need fresh vegetables, packed with energy, fibre, vitamins and minerals, every day.

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