Thérèse in Kenya

To show them Love

Why do we do what we do? To show these children that they are loved. I have recently come back from a beautiful and inspirational trip to Kenya. By far the greatest inspiration and highlight was meeting the treasures of Africa… our little heroes. The children. We honour and thank them for teaching us what love and hope is all about!

Healing Gardens, Rwanda

Investing in Hope – Delivering Impact

Hope is defined as “the grounds for believing that something good may happen”. It’s a simple concept, perhaps one we take for granted. For those who live without it, though, it’s incredibly powerful.

Foodies for Impact

Australia is known as a nation of foodies. It’s in our blood. It’s a culture that brings communities together and happiness to our lives.  Now it’s time to pay it forward, with Foodies For Impact.

Project 281 – Leading by Example

As Australians, we’re incredibly fortunate to have an amazing food culture. From cafes and pubs to fine dining and exotic coffee, our foodie lifestyle is one of the cornerstones of our national community and it’s what’s driven the OnePlate mission from day one. Drawing on our vibrant food culture to help feed the hungry in the developing world is us in a nutshell.

Party Like Parisians for a Cause!

Last Saturday, over ninety people gathered in the sumptuous Flowers Vasette on Brunswick Street to celebrate OnePlate’s third event since launching. Paris was in the air as guests sipped on Paris cocktails, while French-inspired canapes made the rounds, highlights including goats cheese wrapped in cranberry and Masterchef Contestant and OnePlate ambassador, Pia Gava’s, signature dish—earl grey Panna Cotta.

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