Water Sustainability Project

Fresh water is critical for flourishing fruits, vegetables and produce like honey all over the world, but nowhere is it as crucial as in countries like Kenya, which have struggled to improve water quality for many years. Now a special OnePlate project has secured a high-quality bore water system and turned orchards into a wonderful and nutritious bounty for children and their communities.

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The Bee Project

Bees are truly tiny miracles. Did you know that almost 90% of wild plants and 75% of global crops depend on pollination by animals? One out of every three mouthfuls of food depends on bee pollination! Until they witness the miracle of fruit and vegetables grown from seed, or the beauty of glistening honeycomb built by hundreds of tiny bees, the children we serve have no foundation for healthy, nutritious food. They do not know where it comes from, or how good it tastes.

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The Avocado Project

The humble avocado has become a key part of an ongoing food security solution in Kenya, feeding children who once sought food on the streets. Loaded with ‘good’ fats in a creamy, buttery and nutty flesh, avocados are simply bursting with goodness, and synonymous with brunch! OnePlate’s Avocado Project goes hand-in-hand with The Bee Project. Together, these two fully self-sustaining initiatives are creating nourishing, healthy food for children in need.

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The Bakery Project

The irresistible aroma of piping hot, fresh bread straight from the oven is one of life’s simple pleasures… especially savouring that first mouth-watering bite. OnePlate’s self-sustaining Bakery Project has given the simple goodness of fresh bread rolls to hundreds of children in north-west Kenya.

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