Warran Glen Cafe

A fruitful harvest & a valuable partnership

We are so excited to announce our Agroforestry project in Manila. We achieved this project by joining forces with the wonderful Warran Glen Cafe to raise funds through one of their menu items… fish & chips!! A dollar from every order was donated directly towards OnePlate’s agroforestry project amidst the pandemic and Melbourne’s toughest lockdowns.

Fish Farm Manila

Fish Farm, Manila

It all started when our team on the ground in Manila saw a glimpse of potential for a fish farm. The heart behind this project is producing an abundant supply of fish as one of the main food sources for the people on the farm, street children. This project carries multiple benefits such as food security, life and schooling assistance for street children and employment for locals.

Brunch in Melbourne Cookbook

Launching … Brunch in Melbourne

Brunch. A carefree meal that symbolises leisurely mornings, friendship and often the winding down of the night before. Melbournians are renowned for it. Some even say it’s our best culinary export – along with coffee that is. Oh, what a match made in heaven.

Middle South East Cafe

We’ve got some Spring in our Step

With the chilly months of winter now behind us and the sun finally shining again, we’re gearing up for a massive spring as we launch new projects and build on existing ones. Of course, it wouldn’t be possible to invest in the important projects that we do without the support not only of our tribe …

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