The Chicken Farm


Protein is essential as part of a balanced diet for growing bodies and minds, along with nutritious fruit and vegetables. Thanks to a wonderful OnePlate project, once a week, 300 street children in Manila eagerly sit down at a table and eat a delicious meal of chicken and rice from their very own plate. This is the highlight of their week.

Many of the children supported by OnePlate do not eat any protein at all. They spend their time in a perpetual hunt for food, looking in bins and rubbish dumps. To change this, OnePlate has worked with a partner organisation in Manila to fund a pilot program breeding chickens.

OnePlate has funded a purpose-built chicken farm with plenty of room for the chickens to graze and grow. Our pilot program began with 500 chickens that provided food for the feeding program and is expanding to 1,000 chickens every 45 days. 

The program has been such a success, with over 300 street children benefiting from nutritious protein meals. This project has also become a profitable enterprise, generating income from the sale of chicken, which in turn develops more opportunities for the children. 

The idea for OnePlate was inspired by the impact of a simple plate of chicken and rice, served with love, to hundreds of street children. Today, the Chicken Farm makes it possible for the children to eat that very same meal every week, served with just as much love and care.

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