Children’s Fruit Orchard


The delight of a juicy mango, citrus tang of fresh orange, and sweet, succulent longan! Each of these fruits now flourish in the Children’s Fruit Orchard in Cambodia, alongside trees laden with beautiful jackfruit, rambutan, guava, coconut and avocado. This is life-changing food, now savoured by children who had never before tasted fresh fruit.

The Children’s Fruit Orchard is a wonderful OnePlate initiative delivering nutritious, vitamin-packed fruit to underprivileged children. The orchard was planted adjacent to a purpose-built village and school, developed to care for more than 75 at-risk children who would otherwise be unable to leave a cycle of poverty. The children now live in a place of care, protection and nourishment.

Developing the orchard took incredible patience and hard work. The children watched the orchard take shape over many months, as local labourers helped establish the fruit trees. After many weeks of removing shrubs and preparing and ploughing the soil, the team had to travel to different provinces to source seedlings, then adjust watering and planting to ensure thriving trees. Hours of effort was invested simply in watering systems and planting.

The orchard is completely sustainable, increasing access to nutritious fruit for the children and generating income. Excess produce is sold to the local markets. As part of the school curriculum, children also take part in practical lessons on care and cultivation of the fruit crops and learn how to make fruit products such as dried fruit, juices, jams and preserves.

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