Community Food Gardens


A community garden is a wonderful place; somewhere children and families can come together, cultivate and enjoy wholesome food and share their knowledge and produce. But in Cambodia, entire communities living in extreme poverty have never had encouragement, motivation or access to the materials, tools and skills needed to make community gardening a success.

Vulnerable children in Cambodia don’t have access to a healthy, safe and caring home and, from a young age, many children turn to begging on the street to gain income and provide for their families. 

To help change the future for these children and their families, OnePlate has funded several community gardens and also provided families that have space at home with everything needed to plant and grow their own fruits and vegetables for eating and for sale.

Training parents and school children to grow their own nutritious food and understand the importance of food variety will empower more families to provide for their children, introducing a new healthy lifestyle and building a better future. 

As part of the project, a number of hectares of land were purchased further away from the city to prevent the influences of drugs, begging, gambling and child trafficking. Owning this land also enables the establishment of an integrated food production market and farm as a training facility to develop skills. 

Large permanent raised bed systems have been used for land cultivation, and 15 families who did not have their own land were trained in vegetable production. Families were trained in how to harvest and store seeds so they can continue planting vegetables without the need to keep repurchasing seeds and seedlings.

In the future, additional food production will be introduced to the community food gardens, like cattle, fruit trees, chickens, ducks and fishponds. OnePlate believes hope comes from nourishment – and when communities come together, wonderful things can happen.

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