The Fish Farm


We are overjoyed at the success of our Fish Farm Project in Manila, which today has many ponds filled with produce, and feeds more than 500 children who would otherwise be seeking food on the streets.

The development of the ponds at our fish farm was a community achievement – everyone got behind the project. Local people helped set out and excavate the ponds and complete edge planting – with 14 ponds, there was a lot of digging to do. After concreting, pumps, valves and pipes, it was time to wait for the ponds to be naturally filled during the rainy season. Vegetation was planted along the border of each pond to assist in stabilising the edges; date palms, coconut palms, taro and banana trees, with a dual role of stabilising the ponds and providing further food.

A few short months after the farm was established, the first fish harvest was planned for a community feast. Now there is a weekly harvest on Thursdays for a fresh meal every Friday for the whole community, and a special meal every Saturday for the street children. The whole community gets involved in the exciting fish harvest, and children and community members are being trained in fish farming.

Our original plan was to provide fish protein for 500 children and 350 people in the community, but the farm has been so successful, it has exceeded expectations. Every month, we harvest a total of 1,350 fish, each weighing 500 grams (18oz), from the carefully tended ponds. That is sufficient to provide 2.5 fish-based meals a week for 1,500 people! 

The long-term goal of fish farm is to create five permanent full-time jobs and 35 full-time equivalent jobs for supply, transport and sale of fish products. The bounty of fish also brings hope for a brighter future for the local children, paying for school fees and educational resources. We want to give children, families, and entire communities the ability to grow, cultivate, catch, prepare and enjoy healthy food, now and far into the future. We want our projects to outlast us.  

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