Food Security Project


Gazing across the 9.5 acres of land of our Food Security Project in Uganda is an incredibly uplifting experience. Fertile land bursting with produce and possibility, and all created to ensure that local street children and communities have fresh, organic food; harvest to home!

The goal of the Food Security Project is to support 50 children and their families in great need, and every one of them receives fresh food directly from the farm. Their families are either unable to provide for them, or they have been abandoned and turned to living on the streets.

Since OnePlate began funding the farm, the land has been completely transformed. Plantings on this farm include soya beans, rice, collard greens, cabbages, tomatoes, oranges, mangoes, avocados, maize, and peanuts. OnePlate has also funded a 100,000 litre water reservoir, pumps and two 5,000 litre tanks that water the crops. The farm is now approaching six acres of ground nuts, with every acre able to harvest an incredible 300-350kg (10½ – 12oz) of nuts, and just one acre of rice results in a 1,000kg (just over 2,000 tonnes) yield. It truly provides an incredible bounty!

As well as eating food regularly from the farm during the school term, generous food hampers are sent home during school holidays to ensure there is always plenty for the children to eat. 

There are exciting plans to develop the project further, with the possible addition of passionfruit, dairy, poultry, a piggery and beehives. The impact of our Food Security Project in Uganda continues to reach far beyond the borders of its fields.

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