Fresh Bread On The Rise In Kenya

June. The time of year when ‘Happy EOFYS’ jingles fill the air like Christmas carols, car dealerships go into a frenzy and accountants bunker down for a huge couple of months. 

It’s a crazy period, for sure, but amongst all the mayhem is a silver lining. June is also a great time to dig deep and donate to worthy causes, because every dollar donated to registered charities (like us) is tax deductible. What’s more, with tax return season just around the corner, your deduction is accessible almost straight away. Boom. 

Speaking of worthwhile causes, we have a number of OnePlate projects that we think fit the bill (pun intended) perfectly. 

Like a Baker training initiative in Kenya, for example, which was originally set up as a self-sustaining fundraising model for the Children’s Home in Kenya – an organisation that provides shelter and education for over 400 orphaned and abandoned Kenyan children and street youth. 

The pilot program has proved to be a huge success, not only providing bread for the children in the home but also teaching them how to bake and sell it locally. We now want to take things to the next level – by inviting you to invest in a full-scale bakery that will serve as a business in Turbo, North West Kenya, producing and selling high-end baked goods to retail and wholesale customers. All to benefit the Children’s Home! 

With a mere $5,000 the business will be able to offer additional training classes to both the Children’s Home and the local community, as well as improving facilities and increasing production from 400 loaves per day to over 1000! 

Help us contribute to the end of generational poverty in Kenya by investing in this crucial expansion. With all of your donations to this project being tax deductible, you’ll pocket a bit back in your tax return and put a smile on your accountant’s face.

Happy EOFY …

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