Rwandan Healing Gardens

Healing Gardens, Rwanda
Healing Gardens, Rwanda


Together with a local foundation partner, OnePlate has developed a Healing Gardens project that is centered around creating organic gardens with Rwandan women, most of whom are survivors of the Rwandan genocide.

The project is designed to provide food to eat and nourish themselves and their families as well as provide them with a source of income. As part of this project, the women are trained in horticulture, and how to cook healthy meals and how to prevent malnutrition. They learn about health, disease prevention and mental health awareness as well as business insights to help sell their goods at local markets.

With the assistance of a Field Officer/Agronomist, the women are provided with seeds, watering cans, organic compost and other gardening tools. They are also provided with a water tank so that the women have a guaranteed water source (that can be replenished) in instances of drought.

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