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OnePlate where does the money go

Welcome to 2019. They say a new year brings new beginnings. For the thousands of underprivileged children who received a new lease on life via a OnePlate initiative in 2018, this couldn’t ring truer. You see, we’re all about long-term impact, not band-aid solutions. We prefer to plant seeds, (both literal and metaphorical) that will enrich the land and the communities who tend it for generations to come.

All of our volunteers are just that, volunteers, and all of our admin costs are taken care of by a handful of very special angel donors. That’s why a donation to OnePlate is more than just a donation. It’s an investment in real change, where every cent that comes from our passionate tribe of venues, foodies and everyday donors goes directly to funding sustainable projects that provide long-term food security in the developing world.

Speaking of which, what a year 2018 turned out to be. With the amazing support of our tribe, we were able to kick off numerous new initiatives, consolidate existing ones and plan for a bigger and better 2019.

We would like to invite you to consider making a new year’s resolution in 2019 and become one of our hero partners by making a monthly tax-deductible donation to OnePlate by clicking here.

From everyone at OnePlate, a massive thanks for being part of our movement and inspiring generosity in those around you. Keep spreading the OnePlate message and stay tuned for more exciting news in the coming months.

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