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Become part of the OnePlate tribe, grow your business social profile and change the world one plate at a time.



It's simple. All you need to do is choose one item from your menu to become your official OnePlate Menu Item.



A customer visits your OnePlate partnered venue 


A OnePlate menu item is ordered 


$1 from your OnePlate menu item goes towards helping overcome poverty through sustainable food projects




'We can't travel the world to help these children but by partnering with OnePlate we can make a sustainable impact, simply by continuing to run our business that we love'.
– Pg.2 cafe


'The thing that sets OnePlate apart is that at the heart of their projects is sustainability and empowerment, it's a difference that truly lasts.'
– Nanna Kerrs Kitchen


'It breaks my heart knowing that there are hungry children in the world, but through partnering with OnePlate I can make a difference in the lives of these kids.' – Agapi


'I love that OnePlate has an innovative and sustainable approach to increase food security for those who live in the developing world.'
– Shanklin


Who We Help

rooftop - children
A staggering 795 million people in the world do not have enough food and suffer from chronic undernourishment. That is 1 in 9 people in the world.

Money raised through our all-star cast of generous restaurants, cafés, pubs and bars goes directly towards funding sustainable food projects in developing countries, giving people the tools they need to create their own food self-sufficiency.

These projects include everything from rooftop gardens in developing urban cities to aquaculture, goat, pig and chicken farms, worm farming, and seed banks.


Don't miss this opportunity!

Being part of the OnePlate tribe is more than donating to a cause, we believe strongly in social recognition.

We have a team who donate their time to you:
- Interview you & write an article about your venue
- Professionally photograph your delicious OnePlate menu item
- Create social media content about your venue