Mushroom Farm Enterprise


Mushrooms are a simple and tasty source of nutrition, rich in vitamins B and D, fibre, protein and antioxidants. Simple to seed, cultivate and sell, and packed with nutrition and immunity building benefits, mushrooms are ‘powerhouse produce’. They’re also a highly sought after staple food, easily cultivated and a favourite at market stalls in Cambodia. 

Great change can often come from small things – and OnePlate’s mushroom social enterprise project is a wonderful example. With the assistance of a passionate and skilled local agriculturalist in Cambodia, OnePlate has funded the establishment of a wonderful Mushroom Farm Enterprise, giving dozens of families in need not only a highly nutritious source of food, but a fully sustainable micro-enterprise of their very own. With encouragement, resources and training, this is a chance for a new beginning, for children and families alike.

Communities on the Cambodia-Thailand border have struggled with social and economic difficulties for many years, with families unable to find work or source food. Hundreds of children have been unable to attend school and have experienced severe malnutrition. 

Through the Mushroom Farm Enterprise Project, OnePlate was able to gift families starter mushroom kits and mushroom farming training, empowering them to cultivate mushrooms in their own homes for consumption and sale. Cultivating mushrooms requires very little space and minimal light, making fungi the perfect food for these families to grow. Families in slum areas who were going without food have created their own small businesses and, after only a few months, achieved a high yield of mushrooms for sale at markets and to feed the children.

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