One Step



Last week OnePlate co-founders Thérèse and Katarina travelled across Cambodia and Thailand with Agricultural Scientist Dr Donald Van Cooten looking at new OnePlate projects.

We visited a location that is only an eight-hour flight from Australia. A location where thousands of children go through the unimaginable. Victims of poverty and slavery, these children don’t know anything else. Although these children do not live in Australia they are still in our own backyard because we live in one world. One universe. One humanity. At OnePlate we believe that we have the responsibility to love beyond borders and boundaries because an ocean should never separate compassion and service.

In this tiny place in the world, there is deep brokenness and great sadness. But within this we see light. We see hope. We see great love. Beauty can be found in the most unthinkable suffering.

Back here in Australia we hear the stories and see the images of deep suffering. At times the poverty and need of the world is overwhelming and we think what can we possibly do? Will it really make a difference? What is the point? But we have learnt that it is about helping the one. It is about taking one step to help one person and than one more …

Thérèse and Katarina

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