OnePlate Ugandan Farm


The burnished red earth of Uganda is iconic, and you might assume the rich red and orange colours indicate the soil is incredibly fertile. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. That’s why the abundance produced daily from OnePlate’s Ugandan Farm project means so much.

The farm was established to meet the nutritional needs of children who have experienced extreme poverty and live in a nearby community. More than 50 children and their families now benefit from the wonderful produce of the Ugandan Farm. As the farm continues to flourish, our hope is this will ensure hundreds of children receive wholesome, healthy food. 

The 10-acre farm was carefully planned to deliver a diverse mix of nutritious food for the children as well as create a series of income-generating food sources. Rather than solely focusing on a single crop or livestock, our hope is to expand in diversification by introducing dairy, poultry, fruit and vegetables.

Ten acres of rich, flourishing farmland was hard to imagine when work first began on OnePlate’s Ugandan Farm. Significant work was required to improve the soil quality. After many years of poor soil management, Ugandan soils are highly weathered, over-harvested and have low fertility. The soil lacks nitrogen, organic and phosphoric acid, is highly porous and has low moisture retention. With expert help, the soil has been well prepared, properly irrigated and cared for to ensure excellent conditions and harvest.

The diversified farm has also allowed a series of social enterprise opportunities, bringing year-round income sources and education for local farmers. This is a farm for generations, with a perpetual income, bringing hope and comfort to children. Our goal in time is that the farm will produce 164,000 meals every year.

The skill to grow food from seed, to savour fresh, organic produce and regularly enjoy the comfort of a full stomach… at OnePlate, this is something we want every child, no matter where they live in the world, to experience. 

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