Our Projects

Healing Gardens, Rwanda

Healing Gardens

Together with a local foundation partner, OnePlate has developed a Healing Gardens project that is centred around creating organic gardens with Rwandan women, most of whom are survivors of the Rwandan genocide. 

Orchard Kenya

The Kenyan Orchard

Kenya is an impoverished nation, with over 16 million of its 40 million inhabitants living below the poverty line. The statistics are hard to digest: 35% of children-under-five are stunted, 16% are underweight and 7% are wasted. If these children don’t get… read more

Manila Rooftop

Children's Rooftop Farm

OnePlate’s first project was to create a rooftop garden built above a foundation that looks after children living on the streets. Designed by a leading horticulturalist to produce enough food to feed 100 children, this urban oasis is now flourishing with more than 20 varieties of fruit and vegetables.

School Nutritious Gardens Cambodia

School Nutritional Gardens

OnePlate’s partner foundation in a rural village in Cambodia provides schooling for children from slum areas who are vulnerable, at risk, and would otherwise be spending their days begging on the streets.

Kid Heart Manila

Manila's Family Farm

This innovative, 4-hectare, sustainable family farm is being built just outside Manila. It will provide 50 street families with the tools, confidence, knowledge and housing they need to move away from their poverty-strapped city existence to live a safer, healthier life. The families are responsible for managing the fully working farm, learning to grow their own food and building their own sustainable food enterprises.


Tacloban 120 Families

In the upland, hilly area of Tacloban City live some of the poorest farming communities. In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan devastated the city, and food production remains poor to this day. The community is barely able to grow enough to survive… read more


The Bakery Project

The Bakery Project was originally set up to be a self-sustaining fundraising model for the children’s eco-village school that cares for 100 abandoned children.

Poultry Project Kenya

Poultry Project

The children’s school is dedicated to improving the lives of Kenyan children. The poultry farm resides on the premises and was an established small business, but lack of investment funds had restricted its scale.

Hands working the Land

Pathway to Education

OnePlate’s project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) allows some of the world’s poorest children to go to school through our Family Farms initiative. Children, as young as 10, work in the mines and young girls can be forced into marriage or sell sexual favours just to survive.


The Children's Village

The Cambodia Children’s Village was established to provide education, meals and a safe environment for at-risk children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned. OnePlate’s involvement was to focus on the expansion of the village’s orchard to enable the delivery of year-round fresh fruit to the children by introducing new fruit species and varieties.


Aquaponic Garden

OnePlate has partnered with a children’s centre in Cambodia that provides a home, education and therapeutic counselling to approximately 100 seriously disadvantaged and abandoned children. A space in the centre’s property was designed to be converted into a hydroponic and aquaponic children’s garden. 

Future projects include:

Rooftop gardens in urban cities.
Wall food gardens in slums.
School gardens and lunch programs.
Agriculture/gardening skills workshops.
Goat, pig and chicken farms.
Worm farming.
Seed banks.
Creative and effective projects to give people the tools they need to grow their own food, and create their own food self-sufficiency.
Hydroponic cultivation.
Community cooking classes.
Basic health and nutrition community awareness.

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