Party Like Parisians for a Cause!

Last Saturday, over ninety people gathered in the sumptuous Flowers Vasette on Brunswick Street to celebrate OnePlate’s third event since launching.

Paris was in the air as guests sipped on Paris cocktails, while French-inspired canapes made the rounds, highlights including goats cheese wrapped in cranberry and Masterchef Contestant and OnePlate ambassador, Pia Gava’s, signature dish—earl grey Panna Cotta.

It is hard to pinpoint the exact highlight of the night—perhaps it was the so-Frenchy-so-chic portraits of all the guests sketched by talented international fashion illustrator, Natalie Rompotis, or perhaps it was the sets of pop-up musicians taking the night from classic jazz with Olivia Chamoun and Band, to soulful melodies with Australian power couple Gary and Natasha Pinto, finishing with an appropriate dose of French gypsy charm with Floyd Thursby on guitar and vocals, or perhaps it was the jaw dropping background of fresh flowers both exotic and exquisite.

But the real highlight of ‘Party Like a Parisian’ was that it was a gathering of people, all bringing their talents to help make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.  

We believe it is this camaraderie and generosity that is quickly becoming the hallmark of OnePlate events.

That is the OnePlate difference.

The feeling was beautifully summed up by OnePlate supporter, and television personality Shaynna Blaze of ‘The Block’; 

“It’s all about restaurants with heart, it is all about chefs with a purpose and it’s all about people providing food for a reason.”

In her speech, founder and director of OnePlate Thérèse Nichols bought it back to the core of the OnePlate mission, helping those in need.

She spoke of how OnePlate’s various projects across the globe have been making a real change in the lives of those children who need it most, by not just providing a future, but a future with hope.

“In these gardens the children encounter creation and they begin to dream and it is in this dream that hope and restoration begins to grow in their hearts,” she said.  

“I would like to invite each of you tonight to join this movement of Australian foodies for impact.”

“The foodies of Australia can unite together to see our food culture become one that awakens a new spirit of generosity that changes the lives of children in the greatest need … one plate … at a time.”

The wonderful success of ‘Party Like a Parisian’ would not have been possible without the efforts of the OnePlate ambassadors and volunteers.

Special mention must be given to; Cherrie- Flowers Vasette, for providing the most glorious floral backdrop in Melbourne; Pia Gava for her tireless efforts in the kitchen; Natalie Rompotis, for the hours of free illustrations; Pierrick Boyer, for his ongoing support; Olivia Chamoun, Floyd Thursby, Natasha and Gary Pinto, for their voices; Richard and Maria Stockman for keeping the wine flowing as well as the extremely generous door prize; Kennedy Wines; Trellis Winery; Mountain Goat; Event Management Studio; Computer Talk’s Dave Brennan; Glamour Event Hire; Parti Staff; and Emma Brennan, who went above and beyond making sure the night went off without a hitch.

Thank you all. You are truly a wonderful tribe to work with!

We can’t wait to see you next time…


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