Poverty is no paltry matter in Kenya

Last week we told you about our exciting bakery initiative, a project created to provide support for the Children’s Home in Kenya, an organisation that provides shelter and education for over 400 abandoned Kenyan children and street youth.

It’s a project that seems to have struck a chord with our OnePlate tribe, with some fantastic feedback coming through. With that in mind, we thought what better time to fill you all in on another Kenyan initiative – this time of the farming variety.

The same Children’s Home that derives sustenance and income from the bakery also relies on a small poultry farm for additional revenue. Unlike the bakery project, the farm is already an established small business, but lack of investment funds have restricted its scale so far, limiting its ability to generate the income needed by the Children’s Home to adequately provide services.

So the time for expansion is now, and a little goes a long way in developing countries. For only $5,000, we can purchase additional farming equipment, larger bird buildings and bigger storage facilities that will triple the production of chickens. In turn, additional meat and eggs will become available to sell to local businesses. More chickens also means more manure, which will be utilised for fish farming and to improve the soil quality for future crop production. Waste not want not.

In short, this expansion is essential to ensure a more stable, viable income for the Children’s Home and improved food availability for the 400 children for whom the home is responsible.

With the end of the financial year approaching, we encourage all OnePlate tribe members to donate. Even a small amount will make a huge difference to projects like this and many others. And remember, with many other charities also gearing up for the tax deadline, 100% of the donations received by OnePlate go directly to those in need, not those in the office. We’re all volunteers, after all.

Please make a tax-deductible donation now.

Photo by Mark Kucharski on Unsplash

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