Project 281 – Leading by Example

As Australians, we’re incredibly fortunate to have an amazing food culture. From cafes and pubs to fine dining and exotic coffee, our foodie lifestyle is one of the cornerstones of our national community and it’s what’s driven the OnePlate mission from day one. Drawing on our vibrant food culture to help feed the hungry in the developing world is us in a nutshell.

Over the journey, we’ve seen some incredible gestures of support from our tribe of venues, sponsors and foodies alike. Probably none more so, though, than our latest partnership with Project 281.

Connell McGrath, owner and founder of the amazing & innovative cafe, Project 281, has partnered with OnePlate to create a one of a kind initiative that will support disadvantaged children in Kenya and provide much-needed food security in the region. It’s an extraordinarily generous undertaking and one that will be fully funded through the addition of a OnePlate item on their menu – their delicious Japanese Teriyaki.

In a region where food insecurity and malnutrition lead to an alarming percentage of children being stunted (35% of children under 5), underweight (16%) and, in the worst cases, abandoned by their poverty-stricken parents, it’s an extremely important project and one that ties in perfectly with the values of both OnePlate and Project 281.

Sustainability and ethical practices have formed part of the Project 281 mantra from the outset, with recyclable and biodegradable products used extensively in the award-winning, Splinter Society designed cafe. Combined with solar generated power and onsite produce gardens, it’s a place that epitomises what modern hospitality should look like.

We encourage all of our Melbourne based OnePlate tribe members to drop into Project 281 to enjoy the fabulous food, the modern sustainable vibe and the knowledge that you’re helping to support children and communities in dire need.

Project 281 
281 Albert St, Brunswick VIC 3056

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