SOLD OUT… Brunch in Melbourne!

Brunch in Melbourne Cookbook

It’s official, the first run of our new cookbook, “Brunch in Melbourne” has SOLD OUT. Can you believe it? We certainly can’t. Thanks to our wonderful tribe of loyal supporters, though, it’s a reality. 

SO, we’re about to hit go on round two, due off the press within the next week. If it’s anything like the first run, copies won’t last long, so we’re encouraging all of our supporters to pre-order now to avoid missing out. 

When we started on the journey to create Brunch in Melbourne, Australia’s foodie culture was thriving. Eating out was commonplace and cafes & restaurants were hives of social activity. How things have changed. 

Perhaps that’s why the book has struck such a chord. More than just another cookbook, Brunch in Melbourne is taking Melbourne’s iconic brunch culture and placing it onto the family table. Bringing with it the smells and tastes from some of Melbourne’s best cafes and restaurants. Home cooking is seeing a resurgence, families are spending more time eating together, and we’re thrilled that our new book is able to play a small part in that.  

It hasn’t just been customers raving about the new book, either, with feature articles in a number of prominent national publications and magazines also singing its praises. We’re onto something here…

Not only is “Brunch in Melbourne” a fantastic addition to your own kitchen, but in a time of less social interaction, it will also act as a great gift for friends and family to enjoy as well. And don’t forget that 100% of profit from the sale of this book is funding our sustainable food projects abroad which we can’t wait to tell you about in our next newsletter. 

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