Spread the Feast


We hope that you have had a beautiful summer, and perhaps even a bit of a break! 2018 has already had some major wins for the OnePlate team. In January, team members Josh and Sami travelled to Manila to look at our ongoing sustainable food projects that are making a great impact to those in the greatest of need.

Closer to home, the MasterChef ambassadors once again volunteered their culinary genius, running a stall at the South Melbourne Markets. All proceeds went to OnePlate.
We are also thrilled to announce that, thanks to your generosity and efforts, our third project has been funded!
Working with the locals, we have funded the building and rejuvenation of a sustainable vegetable garden in Payatas, Manila. Payatas is one of the poorest slum areas in Manila. Thousands of people live at the bottom of the slum pile, picking through the rubbish to scavenge for food, clothes, furniture, anything to survive. Our shared urban vegetable farms will be managed by the local women in the area. They will provide food and education but, most importantly, the promise of a future free from poverty.
OnePlate is driven and committed to funding as many of these on-site sustainable projects as possible. Our vision is long term. We are constantly looking for ways to turn ‘one plate’ into a supply for life. But we need your help.
Currently we have twenty eateries across Melbourne and Sydney – but we would love to expand. Talk to your local café/restaurant about OnePlate and help us spread the feast!
With gratitude, The OnePlate Team.

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