The Tacloban Garden Farm Project


Creating a vegetable garden to eat and sell fresh, nutritious produce is one of the fastest and most affordable paths to food security. However, without the skills to cultivate, and the means to purchase seedlings, for many it is a solution that is out of reach. 

Many of OnePlate’s in-country projects are targeted in areas where natural disasters and weather events have had a severe impact on children’s wellbeing. After Tacloban (in the Philippines) was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, communities struggled to recover, leaving children hungry and living on the streets. 

To help, OnePlate provided training in the production and marketing of organic vegetables for 120 young people and women, along with the seeds, materials and tools needed to establish their own farm market gardens at home, in community spaces or rural areas. 

OnePlate provided a five-week training course in organic agriculture for the families to establish their own fruit and vegetable gardens. Topics in the course cover vegetable production, budgeting, worm farming, organic fertilisers, pest control and entrepreneurial thinking. Previously many of these families were only able to give their children a little piece of bread once a day; now they grow enough food to feed their families nourishing meals. 

The Tacloban Garden Farms are very special to us. The second project OnePlate established back in 2017, the courses and programme have been accredited by the Philippines Education Department to run in local high schools and further education facilities. OnePlate’s assistance has enabled training and new pathways for children living on the streets, enabling them to have access to nutritious, fresh food, gain employment or start their own social enterprises in the agriculture sector.

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