The Avocado Project


The humble avocado has become a key part of an ongoing food security solution in Kenya, feeding children who once sought food on the streets. Loaded with ‘good’ fats in a creamy, buttery and nutty flesh, avocados are simply bursting with goodness, and synonymous with brunch! OnePlate’s Avocado Project goes hand-in-hand with The Bee Project. Together, these two fully self-sustaining initiatives are creating nourishing, healthy food for children in need.

Many children in Kenya have grown up on the streets, abandoned, and seeking food in rubbish bins and dumps. They have no foundational knowledge of how healthy food is grown or the joy of its fresh, clean and inviting taste. Our partner organisation, ensure these vulnerable children are now well-cared for and dedicated to providing safe housing, education and nourishing food from our Avocado and Bee Projects.

Establishing the orchard has enriched the lives of an entire community, providing not only food but jobs. To ensure successful cultivation, soil was tested and carefully prepared with added nutrients. A water-drip irrigation system, water tank and stand were installed, followed by fencing, landscaping, walk paths and ongoing soil maintenance through fertilising, weeding and pruning. An enthusiastic team prepared farmland, dug holes and planted more than 300 avocado seedlings. The flowering trees will provide pollen and nectar to help our bees do their work producing honey in neighbouring hives. This bountiful paradise is a marvel of community-empowering, ecological harmony.

This flourishing orchard provides avocados to feed hundreds of children and currently provides employment for local people, who are maintaining the orchard. The long-term goal is that excess avocados, not used for school meals, are sold at market, with all profits returned back to funding educational opportunities and buy school supplies for the children.  

After 10 years of successful fruiting, a harvest of more than 1750 fruit per year is expected, with avocadoes ready for sale in retail shops and at markets. All profits will go towards educational opportunities for children unable to afford schooling. The farm is a fantastic training facility to learn about farming and managing produce, and as such, has the possibility to make an exceptional long-term impact for children, families and communities. 

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