The Bakery Project


The irresistible aroma of piping hot, fresh bread straight from the oven is one of life’s simple pleasures… especially savouring that first mouth-watering bite. OnePlate’s self-sustaining Bakery Project has given the simple goodness of fresh bread rolls to hundreds of children in north-west Kenya.

For many years, bread has been missing as a staple food in the diets of children and families in Kenya, due to extreme poverty and food insecurity. A staggering number of abandoned children struggle to find food each day.

OnePlate’s Bakery Project was established alongside an eco-village and school, especially created for vulnerable children. Originally created as a self-sustaining fundraising model to help care for 100 children, this pilot program quickly succeeded in its three main objectives: to provide bread for the children in the home and school, to teach them how to bake, and sell the bread locally.

The enormous success of the bakery has led to an exciting expansion from a pilot program to a full-scale commercial enterprise. The bakery was moved to new premises and had floor tiling, plumbing, new benchtop fixtures and a full fit-out of commercial equipment, including industrial ovens, bread mixer and bread slicer, proof boxes, trays and a weighing scale. The long-term goal of the bakery is to expand it from producing 300 loaves per day, to more than 1,000 loaves. In the future, the bakery will produce bread products for entire communities and to sell at local market stalls. 

This fully sustainable food security project provides food for the children and school staff, baking instruction for the children, income for the school and employment for local people. The bakery is also now part of a local Vocational Skills Training Centre. 

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