The Kenyan Fruit Orchard


Picking fresh fruit direct from a tree is something quite wonderful, especially when you have watched the tree slowly grow bigger and bigger, day by day. And seeing a small child excitedly pick a flavour-packed banana in their very own orchard is one of the reasons OnePlate was born. 

OnePlate’s beautiful Fruit Orchard project in Kenya, bursting with ripe, juicy fruit on thriving trees has simultaneously solved many problems. Within Kenya there are far too many children suffering from malnutrition and poor growth, due to disadvantage, abandonment and exploitation. 

An organisation has been set up in the region, with a village to provide care, shelter, education and most importantly, food for over 300 children. This orchard not only provides fruit for the children and staff but provides income from the sale of excess produce. Food trees are such an important part of a diet, offering fruits, leafy vegetables, seeds and edible oils, increasing micronutrients (mineral and vitamins) and also macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates).

Local labourers were employed to establish the orchard, ploughing and undertaking weed control, before planting seedlings, small trees and banana tissues. Fast growing vegetables were planted between trees over subsequent months to control weeds and increase the diversity of produce.

Today, the Fruit Orchard holds oranges, bananas, avocadoes, lemons and mangoes. Often the children 

walk past the orchard on their way to lunch and they like to guess on what tree they will see fruit next.

They are free to wander amongst the trees and pick and eat whenever they choose, and they now understand the importance of fresh fruit in their diet. Watching growth in the orchard is an education in itself, enabling them to see the cycle of life, and how fresh, nourishing food grows.

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