The Piggery


OnePlate is committed to developing unique, sustainable projects that enable us to feed children in great need, employ local people and create new agricultural opportunities. 

The prices of prime commodities including pork, chicken and vegetables have significantly increased due to the economic crisis in the Philippines, putting them completely out of reach of most families, and particularly children who have been abandoned and are homeless. 

The vision for the Piggery is to feed as many children as possible, provide shelter and train people in agriculture, thus encouraging families to earn a living. 

Families who previously lived on the streets, now live on the farm and are responsible for the care and feeding of the animals and management of the farm and piggery. These families are becoming niche farmers, being taught by specialists, and now earn a living with purpose. Their training can in turn be passed on to other family members as well as members of the local neighbourhood. 

Chemicals and other harmful elements are not used as part of the farming project, with an emphasis on organic breeding and feeding. The pigs are fed from feed and fertiliser mills that have also been funded by OnePlate. 

Beginning with one sow, the farming families have been able to raise 13 pigs, who then produced a further 27 piglets. Fourteen piglets were recently sold, and the money invested back in the farm, buying more pigs and paying for maintenance and feed. Each pig is pregnant for 114 days and now with 10 sows, the plan is to have 100-300 new pigs born each year, which will be sold. This high-quality protein will feed more than 500 local street children per week.The Piggery has already demonstrated significant income-earning potential. The facility can process the meat and sell directly to consumers; meat can be supplied to local restaurants, and also sold at markets.

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