Water Sustainability Project

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Fresh water is critical for flourishing fruits, vegetables and produce like honey all over the world, but nowhere is it as crucial as in countries like Kenya, which have struggled to improve water quality for many years. Now a special OnePlate project has secured a high-quality bore water system and turned orchards into a wonderful and nutritious bounty for children and their communities. 

About 80 percent of people who end up in hospitals in Kenya have preventable illnesses. At least 50 percent of these illnesses are related to water, sanitation and hygiene, caused through the use of untreated water for washing and watering food.

OnePlate was working in partnership with an organisation supporting vulnerable children, when a local horticulturalist discovered a serious problem. Planning had begun for fruit and vegetable planting, with the site reliant upon a three metre well. However, the level in the well indicated a water shortage, which meant there wouldn’t be enough to support our projects. 

After brainstorming several options, OnePlate was able to fund a water bore which will nourish all future agricultural projects at this site. The borehole was drilled to a depth of 150 metres, a water pump was installed, and repairs carried out on the existing water stand. This fully sustainable irrigation system now has the capacity to provide water for our food projects without the worry of running low on water supply. 

The water bore will improve yield for nearby avocado, passionfruit and kitchen garden plantings, and also improve the success of the Bee Project.

Thanks to this sustainable water bore, these projects will provide fresh fruits and honey to over 300 children and the local community. Care and maintenance of the bore and plantings will provide employment for local community members. The long-term goal is that profits from the sale of produce will help supply education scholarships for 120 children and young adults. 

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