Party like a parisian

Bonjour!  You're invited to... Party Like A Parisian, alongside French celebrity chef, Pierrick Boyer. Join us as we re-create a Parisian jazz club in the heart of Prahran, with a decadent lineup of food, musicians and pop up experiences.


The Party Like a Parisian event is made possible thanks to the following sponsors

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Pierrick Boyer
event management studio

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Each year 9 million people die from hunger-related causes. Your next meal will make a difference, with OnePlate.

Australia has a vibrant food culture which creates community and brings people together.

Imagine if we could draw on this incredible culture to help feed the hungry in the developing world! OnePlate empowers everyday Australians to make a difference, simply by choosing to eat at one of our partner restaurants, cafés, pubs or bars.

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$1 from your meal helps combat world hunger by building sustainable food-growing projects around the world.  


Money raised through our all-star cast of generous restaurants, cafés, pubs and bars goes directly towards funding sustainable food projects in developing countries, giving people the tools they need to create their own food self-sufficiency.

These projects include everything from rooftop gardens in developing urban cities to aquaculture, goat, pig and chicken farms, worm farming, and seed banks.

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