Who We Help

A staggering 795 million people in the world do not have enough food and suffer from chronic undernourishment.

That is 1 in 9 people in the world.

The projects we fund aim to address the persistent undernourishment that affects the world’s most vulnerable people.

Our work is based on mutual accountability, trust and respect. We partner with local organisations in countries to provide support to communities to develop their own self-sustainable food production. And, in turn, improved access to nutrition will improve health, education and livelihood outcomes of entire communities.

How does your contribution help?

Our first project is in Manila, the Philippines.

We have formed a partnership with a local foundation to develop an urban farm to provide a sustainable food supply for 500 street children each Saturday. This farm will not only feed the children but educate and teach the street children in how to grow food. 

Future projects your meals will be powering include:

  • rooftop gardens in urban cities
  • wall food gardens in slums
  • school gardens and lunch programs
  • agriculture/gardening skills workshops
  • goat, pig and chicken farms
  • worm farming
  • seed banks
  • creative and effective projects to give people the tools they need to grow their own food, and create their own food self-sufficiency
  • hydroponic cultivation
  • aquaculture
  • community cooking classes
  • basic health and nutrition community awareness
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